Business/Project savings via our Cooperative Scheme:

20% of all Members earnings are theirs to save which is withdrawable every three months

Free Loan/grants Scheme for business start ups and expansion:

Members are entitled to free loan/grants at every stage, which is non refundable, for their business start up and expansion.

Health Care Delivery:

Members are entitled to free Medicare in any of our affiliate medical centres.

Humanitarian services:

Empowering the homeless, needy and the less privileged and putting smiles on their face is our core niche.

Human Capital trainings:

Developing the human capital trait of corporate executives, young school leavers and graduates is where we take the lead in the industry.

BOHATTY Business School:

Raising, developing and empowering young entrepreneurs for the fulfilment of their business dreams is our heartbeat.

Literature Materials/Online Book Store

Encouraging a reading culture among our young professionals for the total development of their entrepreneurial minds is our core competence


Our core values are acronymed; CIATA which stands for

  • C - Commitment
  • I - Integrity
  • A - Accountability
  • T - Transparency
  • A - Assiduity